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Osborne Wood Products offers a vast assortment of wooden moulding and trim designs to help transform your home in innovative ways. These components have been around for many years, but new and exciting applications have encouraged us to host an expansive selection of these decorative tools. Whether you are looking for finishing touches to your design or trying to add meaningful accents to solidify your theme, moulding is an incredibly helpful tool when creating a custom look.

Our moulding designs range from simple and contemporary to intricate and ornate. The possibilities are endless with a wide variety of half round moulding, cabinet corner moulding, frieze moulding and many other decorative moulding styles. Create a custom picture frame or incorporate detail into a storage chest. Looking to accentuate your modern kitchen while camouflaging under-cabinet lighting? Check out our light rail moulding designs. Another popular way to hide imperfections while adding depth and dimension to a room is by utilizing crown moulding. Moulding can be added to furniture, walls, doors, cabinetry, tables and more offering unmatched texture and detail. Due to their size and versatility, mouldings offer limitless creative applications in home design.

Most of our moulding is available in extensive lengths allowing for easy resizing and customization opportunities. Designs vary to accommodate new and traditional decor trends. A variety of wood types are available depending on the specific moulding piece you are interested in. If you have any questions, our experienced customer service representatives are ready to help you choose the perfect fit for your next project.

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