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Rope Moulding

A popular pattern that can be seen in various design themes is the rope or spiral pattern. The illusion of wood being twisted to form a right rope is impressive. To help customers achieve this trend throughout their home, Osborne Wood Products offers a large selection of rope moulding in varying sizes and shapes to accommodate any project. Rope moulding has been used to accent a wide number of features within the home including, but not limited to, furniture, cabinetry, fireplaces, mirrors, dressers and tables.

The differing lengths and widths of rope moulding we offer allows you to add this decorative design to virtually any build. Plus, each one is unique in its composition with differing rope patterns. One unique version of our traditional rope design is the Beaded Rope (Part #8991057) moulding. This wooden moulding has an additional carved bevel separating each section of the tight spiral.

The sense of movement and intricate texture that results from rope moulding is unmatched. Each of our rope trims are available in 46” or 96” lengths, as well as half or full round profiles. It is easy to add an elegant touch to your home by installing one of our rope mouldings, which are sanded and delivered to your door ready-to-finish. Choose a stain or paint color to finalize the design and expertly complement the existing decor.

An interesting way to achieve a cohesive interior theme would be to pair one of our rope mouldings with one of our wooden table legs sharing the same design. We have a large number of similar hand-crafted components which can be found in our Rope and Spiral Collection.

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