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Panel and Door Moulding

Osborne Wood Products boasts an expansive collection of wooden panel and door mouldings. Each of these feature phenomenal hand-carved detailing that can be used to introduce elegant beauty into a space without the need for a huge restoration project.

Our panel and door moulding options range in size and style, many of which can be paired with complementary designs available in our table leg and corbel inventories. They are meant to be used as embellishments on doors, walls, mantels, staircases and more. Other common applications are to use moulding as decorative borders and panels, or as a stylish method of hiding imperfections.

These intricate wooden mouldings feature flat backs and are sanded for easy finishing and installation. You can pick anything from simple to ornate designs in a wide range of profiles. If you have a large amount of space to work with, an impressive statement can be made with the Carved Acanthus Leaf Moulding, while smaller spaces can be enhanced with the addition of the Carved Ribbon Flat Moulding. Regardless of your intentions, our selection of moulding options is sure to meet your demands.

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