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Osborne Wood Products boasts an expansive inventory of hand carved wooden moulding and trim options. These decorative components will help you transform your home with minimal effort. Moulding has been around for many years, but new and exciting uses have encouraged us to continue expanding our selection so you can find the perfect accent to your build. Moulding is an incredibly useful tool of you are working on a custom design - especially if you are in need of finishing touches or meaningful accents in order to complete your desired theme.

Our moulding options range from modern and simplistic designs to classic profiles with ornamental carvings. There are endless possibilities for upgrades with a wide variety of half round moulding, gesso moulding, cabinet corner moulding and many other trim options to choose from. You can add elegant detail to a storage chest or create a custom-size picture frame with moulding piece. Do you need to add under-cabinet lighting to your modern kitchen design but want to hide the hardware in a fashionable way? Our light rail moulding designs were made just for that purpose. Similarly, imperfections can be hidden in a stylish manner by utilizing crown moulding. Moulding can be added to cabinetry, doors, walls, tables, furniture and much more offering unmatched texture and depth. Their versatile size allows them to be used in an unlimited number of creative applications.

Resizing and customizing the moulding is simple, but we have several lengths to choose from depending on your project demands. Designs vary to accommodate traditional and contemporary trends in interior design. Finally, choose from multiple wood species and finish the piece to best match your decor.

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