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Half Round Moulding System (1" wide)

Wouldn't it be great to achieve the look of custom cabinetry in your home? Perhaps your cabinets could use a face-lift. Or maybe you're looking for a way to add value to your home without breaking the bank. If so, this half round moulding system collection is for you! Half round moulding is rounded moulding that features a flat back for easy application. It is ideal for kitchen cabinetry, bars, and furniture pieces. Moulding styles range from traditional, to carved, to eclectic, with wood components to match!

Along with the half round moulding options you will also find accessory components for your moulding. These pieces include plinths, spools, capitals, and other accents. Mix and match your moulding of choice with one or more of these components for a full cohesive look. Moulding and components can easily be added together to create unique and beautiful detail. This further enhances the space and adds to the custom feel.

Moulding and components can be chosen to match your current island posts or brackets throughout your home. Bring your designs and details together by incorporating small intricate moulding into your cabinet design.

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