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Barn Door Hardware

A popular component of farmhouse and French-inspired design is the barn door. Barn doors can be applied to a wide variety of furniture within the home as a storage covering or decorative element. Osborne Wood Products offers two main types of hardware kits so that you can easily create the barn door of your dreams.

Barn doors are functional and modern, allowing for a convenient yet stylish opening and closing procedure in comparison to traditional doors. The classic Barn Door Hardware design allows a single door to slide back and forth along the track and is often applied to cabinets, entertainment centers, nightstands, window coverings and other small projects.

We also offer hardware for single or double folding barn doors. For instance, the Two Door Barnfold Hardware also utilizes a track to open and close the doors, but the doors fold inward or outward for an uncluttered and innovative look. Both folding barn door hardware options are available in four widths to best suit your build.

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