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Cabinet Corner Moulding

Osborne Wood Products offers everything you need to create your dream kitchen, from entire wooden cabinetry panels to the smaller details, such as cabinet corner moulding. These simple pieces can make a huge difference when finalizing the design of your home. Each wooden moulding is carefully-crafted to fit inside cabinet corners but they can also be used between two walls or even in the corner of a wall and ceiling.

The majority of our cabinet corner mouldings are available in fluted, smooth and reeded styles. These designs are available in lengths varying from 24” to 96” to best suit your needs. We also have options that have a triangular profile, such as the 10” Transitional Block Corner Moulding, which adds impressive geometric detail to your cabinetry.

Regardless of the style you prefer, cabinet corner mouldings are guaranteed to enhance your overall design. We have various styles available so that you can easily match the look of your other components. Each moulding is available in multiple wood types, allowing you to further customize the room with a unique choice of finish or paint.

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