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SOLD AS A SET OF 4~Issaqueena Tapered Acrylic Foot

7″ x 2 516 Part #44027 SOLD AS A SET OF 4~Issaqueena Tapered Acrylic Foot
Material Price Each Quantity
•  Acrylic with Black Accents $119.96  ea

Beautiful clear acrylic foot with tapered sides provides strong support for sofas, chairs and cabinets. The 1 1/4" wide black band around the top of the foot adds beauty and also disguises the attachment hardware. Attach with 5/16" hanger bolt in through pre-drilled machine threaded hole in the center of the top of foot. Tapers to 1 13/16" square at the bottom of the foot.


This is a set of 4 acrylic feet.


Osborne Wood Product's new contemporary line of acrylic furniture feet and legs is a cutting edge development in the furniture industry. They come pre-drilled for easy hardware insertion and have sleek silhouettes making them the perfect way to modernize any room setting. The high quality acrylic is made to be weight bearing, and the high durability of the clear line makes it ideal for any DIY or home renovations projects looking to hit the next big thing in home design.


Cabinet legs and feet provide a finishing touch that adds to the appeal of your space. To make a statement with kitchen cabinets, consider adding decorative cabinet legs and cabinet feet to create a furniture-like look. When added to the bottom of your cabinets to raise them up and off the floor, a soothing space for toes is created. The feel of the entire kitchen is lighter and airier with elevated cabinets. The cabinets appear more like fine furniture. Available in many different styles and configurations, cabinet legs and feet can showcase your room’s overall design theme.


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