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4.5″ x 3″

High Shoals Acrylic Square Bunfoot, 4.5" tall

Part #4025

Acrylic Square Bunfoot, 4" tall

Part #4024

Acrylic Cube Bunfoot, 3" tall

Part #4023
5″ x 2 34

Anna Ruby Acrylic Bunfoot

Part #4022

Acrylic Height Adder for 4" Ball Bunfoot

Part #40211

Acrylic Ball Bunfoot, 4"

Part #4021

Minnehaha Acrylic Ball Bunfoot, 3"

Part #4020
7″ x 3″

DeSoto Acrylic Sofa Foot

Part #6180
Osborne Wood Product's new contemporary line of acrylic furniture feet and legs is a cutting edge development in the furniture industry. They come pre-drilled for easy hardware insertion and have sleek silhouettes making them the perfect way to modernize any room setting. The high quality acrylic is made to be weight bearing, and the high durability of the clear line makes it ideal for any DIY or home renovations projects looking to hit the next big thing in home design.