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Basket Weave Collection

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The Osborne Wood Products Basketweave Collection features a wide variety of pieces to accent a beautiful country home or an Italian style design. The beautifully hand crafted design of these pieces will bring a warm and cozy feel to any home and is sure to not only blend in well with your current home décor, but also contribute to the outstanding design that was there previously. These pieces will match well with each other and incorporate wonderfully into other designs such as vineyard grape styles, and traditional designs as well.

The basketweave design will bring your home together and remind you of the smaller things in life such as a picnic with your family, or the warm cozy feel of a home cooked meal. The basketweave corbels would be perfect for adding that final touch on a large range hood and even as countertop or shelf support. The design will not only add a delicate touch but mix beautifully with the smells of freshly baked bread and the sauces and herbs simmering on the stovetop.

Imagine your home filled with a hand carved design that reminds you of how simply amazing it is to spend time with your family and friends by bringing everyone together for a family style meal. You can incorporate this design into your tables, the molding around your cabinetry, and even in the drawer and door pulls. You can incorporate this design into every part of your home in a way that your entire home will feel cozy. Take a look at our timeless basketweave design now!

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