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Classical style emphasizes and reimagines Greek and Roman influences. This style idealizes balance, harmony, and order. Corbels and columns are as common in this collection as they were in Greece and Rome, though they have been reimagined and redesigned to accommodate modern needs.

In this collection, you’ll find common elements such as scrollwork, beautifully-turned legs and bun feet, and ornate carvings reminiscent of these periods in history. Rich imagery such as acanthus leaves, grapes, and acorns can be found, along with simple yet impactful patterns like the Greek key pattern, also known as the fret pattern.

The Greek key/fret pattern is a very classical choice, and there are two presentations. One is called the “reverse face” and the other is the “continuous scroll”. Our parts feature the continuous scroll, which is the more rhythmic of the two and is easier to begin and end when installing because the repeat in this style is smaller than on the reverse facing design. The design itself is simple and geometric and fits nicely in most applications by introducing a very quiet design to cabinet work.

The Acanthus Leaf motif first appeared in the art of ancient Greece during the 4th and 5th centuries. Typically used in Greek architecture such as capital and columns, the Acanthus Leaf has emerged into one of the largest used designs in architectural and design fields. The Acanthus Leaf is believed to be one of the oldest flowers in the Mediterranean area and that it represents long life. It is no coincidence that this design has had a long life as well.

Most prominently featured in classical design is sleek, curving corbels emphasized with classic scrolling. With smooth lines that communicate elegance and grace, our scrolled corbels are at home in any setting: under range hoods, supporting shelves of classic literature, lending their strength to a granite countertop, or adding stability to a set of wall cabinets. The design is simple yet delicate and will not go unnoticed.

One hallmark of traditional design is consistency, specifically in regards to matching furniture. That’s why we offer a large selection of our classic products in varying sizes. This includes coffee, end, chair, dining, and island height legs, multiple sizes of molding, and corbels that range from just a few inches to several feet tall.

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