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Farmhouse Collection

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  4. Farmhouse Moulding and Trim

Farmhouse design is known for its warmth and simplicity. It’s rooted in rustic country charm and mixes in elements of other designs, such as contemporary and industrial. Farmhouse design is most often characterized by an abundance of white in the flooring, cabinets, walls, and furniture, though other light tones such as grey or ivory are also used. These are mixed with farmhouse elements, such as the ever popular farmhouse sink, shiplap, large overhead beams, stone fireplaces, and accent walls. Benches paired with dining tables are popular, as is giving antique furniture a new life with fresh stain, or giving it a distressed look with paint and new upholstery.

Common architectural elements like corbels and crown molding are popular, though usually simple and often painted. Butcher block counters and table tops are common, as are reclaimed wood table tops. These are often either painted or simply given a clear coat and left with their natural color, depending on the color palette in the house and the condition of the reclaimed wood.

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