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Craftsman design became popular in the mid to late 1800s during the arts & crafts movement as a reaction against the new trends in machine production. This style focuses on practicality, harmony with nature, and the use of locally-obtained products. In many instances, early arts & crafts pieces were a revival of old techniques of woodworking, often making visible the method of construction within the piece. The purity and simplicity of arts and crafts, as well as craftsman products makes this style one that is worth recognizing.

Simple shapes and strong lines are common, wood is plentiful--especially around windows and along the ceiling in the form of exposed beams--and large fireplaces act as a focal point in the living area. Craftsman furniture utilizes strong lines and limited ornamentation. Wood furniture tones are generally dark, however rich lighter colors are also popular. Dining room tables were traditionally either trestle-style rectangular tables or round tables supported by a single pedestal, and built-in china cabinets and bookshelves can often be found in many rooms in the house.

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