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Industrial design takes much of its inspiration from factories and warehouses. When factories would close down at the end of the second industrial revolution, people would move into those abandoned factories and repurpose them into apartment buildings, lofts, and other living quarters. These buildings often had exposed brick walls, pipes, or other architectural elements that new homeowners would work around or work with instead of trying to cover up.

Industrial is a very masculine design style, often using elements like vintage furniture and decor and a combination of wood and metal on the same furniture pieces to bring a room together. Weathered wood is also popular, as it fits with the aged, rough appearance.

Even though it doesn’t sound like it, one hallmark of Industrial design is that it’s warm and inviting. Yellow light is preferred over white, and large sectionals are used regularly to help break up large, open spaces and define separate areas. Large windows also help to let in natural light.

Kitchen islands are hugely popular in Industrial design, as well. These islands further help separate areas by providing a defined kitchen area. These islands are also often paired with bar stools and popular Edison lighting or overhead racks for hanging pots and pans.

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