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The Mission style of design has a far reaching history, beginning with the colonization of the Southwestern area of North America by Spain in the early 16th century, and influenced by the strength of Moorish architecture, during the Moors' occupation of Spain. When Spain had finally overthrown the Moors, they went on to build missions in areas they had colonized. Like the Moorish architecture that had become prevalent in Spain, these Missions were not highly decorated and ornate. Simple in appearance, but also fortified with thick walls and bearing few windows; they were designed to establish the same firm hold the Moors had on Spain itself.

Just like the thickly walled buildings with small windows placed high on the walls; Mission style furniture often has a stalwart appearance, and bears little ornamentation aside from square or rectangle shaped areas of recessed carving. Additional ornamentation could be the presence of a taper on two or four sides.

With the dawn of the Victorian Era, a more highly decorative and ornate style quickly grew in popularity; the mission style seemed to fade from view. This was only temporary, however, as a revival of novels and short stories of the Old West brought the style once again to the forefront, now newly informed by the Shaker style, as well as the Arts and Crafts or Craftsman style, both of these being styles that are also known for their relatively simple and sometimes even rustic appearance. The Mission style seems to exude a certain strength and dignity that is straightforward, but also elegant and free from extraneous trappings and the ornate carvings that could otherwise be perceived as too crowded.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. enables you to bring this sturdy, timeless look of the Southwest into your home. Equally at home accenting a crisp, modern design - known for straight, clean lines - as putting the finishing touches on a Shaker, Arts and Crafts, and of course Mission style design, decorative accents from the Mission collection may be just what your next design is calling for. Kitchen cabinets in any of the above styles will benefit from Mission style island legs, available straight or tapered. Strong and bold, these legs will contribute a dignified air to your cabinetry. Areas of recessed carving accentuate the crisp, clean lines on both styles of island legs.

Tapered dining legs in the Mission style are also available to tie dining room and kitchen themes together, or to allow for dining height hutches or counter areas. Additionally, Osborne offers a plethora of corbels in the Mission style, ranging from the petite to the more massive. These beautiful corbels will find their home in the kitchen, living room, library, or any room in the house supporting cabinetry, shelving, fireplace mantels, and more. With select onlays also available in the mission style, it is possible to subtly weave the same theme throughout every room in your home. The regal look of the Mission style also lends itself well to professional spaces such as offices, restaurants, or even storefronts.

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