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Vineyard Collection

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  4. Vineyard Moulding and Trim

In ancient times, grapes were a symbol of abundance, of plentiful harvests and great wealth. Grape-themed architecture was a way of announcing that prosperity, letting the viewer know they are now in the presence of someone who has plenty. Today, even though grape-themed items are often used because the subject of the carving matches the purpose of the room--such as in kitchens or wine cellars--they still inspire a feeling of awe with their intricate carvings.

In our vineyard collection, you’ll find a variety of products all with intricate grape carvings, from island legs and corbels to molding and accessories like our wine rack lattice. We also offer many of these parts in multiple sizes, allowing you to even further customize your design. These parts also pair well with our acanthus leaf design, which you can find under our Classical collection.

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