Builder's Studio: Building a Mid Century Modern Entertainment Center

In this video, we show you how to create your own beautiful mid century modern entertainment center! The great thing about this build is that it is customizable. If you need it a little smaller or bigger, you can easily make those adjustments. Regardless of your specifications, the result is sure to be a stunning addition to your space!

Products featured in this build:

Written instructions are available below the video.

Assembly Instructions
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Overall Table Dimensions: 70" x 16" x 23"

Materials Needed:

*We used poplar wood for this build due to its cost-effectiveness
cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Other
species like black walnut and white oak will work for this project, as well.

Tools Needed:

  • Circular Saw
  • Drill
  • Straight Edge
  • Adjustable Clamps
  • Table Saw
  • Tape measure
  • Square
  • Wood Glue
  • Painters Tape
  • Pre-drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Staple Gun (supports 1 1/4" staples)
  • Pan head screws (for cleat install, size depends on material thickness.


  1. Cut some miters/bevels into the outside edges of the wooden boards. Use the Adjustable Clamps to clamp your Straight Edge onto the measured spot by the board edge, and use the Circular Saw to cut the board along the Straight Edge.
  2. Distance between straight edge and board edge depends on the width of your saw
  3. Add a chamfer to the beveled edges of your boards for detail. Cut the board’s bevel with the blade of the table saw.
    • Blade angle of the table saw can be according to your preference. We set ours to 45°.
  4. Glue the box pieces together using the painter’s tape method. Set the bottom inside of the shelf as the base of the box (bevels facing down). Line up the bottom piece with the two wall pieces by the bevels and tape the edges together. Then, flip the box pieces over, add glue to the bevel insides, and turn up the two wall pieces so that the bevels of the wall pieces and bottom piece are put together.
    • Hold up the pieces with tape to keep them in place until the glue dries.
    • Mark the placement of the 1-inch dividers on the bottom base using a pencil.
  5. Place the divider pieces into the box. While the box dries, cut the divider pieces to size using the Circular Saw, Straight Edge, and Adjustable Clamps. After drying, loosely slide in the dividers to estimate and measure the size for the shelves.
    • Use the square to check that the dividers are at an exact 90° angle all the way across.
  6. Cut the shelves to size after measuring and estimating the right dimensions from the dividers.
  7. Insert the strips into the box for the shelves to be placed on. Mark where the nailer strips will go (just shy of the box edge) on the inside of the box walls. Then, use a ruler to mark the center of the box wall. After the marks are placed on both sides, cut the nailer strips to size and install them onto the box walls.
    • To install, first use the staple gun to fasten the nailer strips and dividers into place. Then, slide the shelves into the boxes.
    Please note: it is recommended to finish your shelves (with paint or stain) prior to attachment.
  8. Sand the box to smooth out the surface. After sanding, add the finish of your choice to the box and shelves.
    • Once the box and shelves are finished, install and pin the shelves to the nailer strips.
  9. Install the cleats and legs to the box. Space the cleats 3” from the outside edge of the box and mark the spot they will go with a pencil. Pre-drill into the wood with a screwdriver slightly smaller than the screws being used.
    • The length of the screw depends on the length of the wood being used.
    • We used 1” long wood.
  10. Install the legs to the cleats.
    • If preferred, you can have the hanger bolt service applied to your legs at so that they are delivered to you ready to screw in.
    • To install, you will be able to simply screw the leg into the threaded insert on the cleat. Rotate the leg until it has a tight fit.

You’re done! You now have a beautiful mid-century modern entertainment unit for your home.

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