Builder's Studio: Pallet Coffee Table Using Store Bought Lumber

In this video, we're going to show you how to build a pallet style coffee table using store bought lumber and metal hairpin legs from Osborne! This is a quick and easy build for any skill level and is sure to look great in your space. We used pine but you can choose a premium wood species for an even higher quality piece. With the ability to easily scale the overall size to fit your needs, this is the ultimate weekend project!

Products featured in this build:

Written instructions are available below the video or can be downloaded here.

Assembly Instructions

Overall Table Dimensions: 30” x 30” x 24 ½”

What we used:

  • (12) Pine lumber planks: 1” x 5” x 30”
  • (3) Pine lumber planks: 2” x 4” x 30”
    *You can also use a pallet that is in good condition
  • Osborne Metal Hairpin Coffee Table Legs
    (Part #413003)
  • 1 ¼” tapered head screws *size needed depends on board size
  • ¾” panhead screws *size depends on board size

Other items needed:

  • Miter or table saw
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Wood finish (your choice - we used gel stain)


  1. We used builder grade lumber to create a table top that resembled a wooden pallet. We wanted a top that was 30” x 30”. To create this, we first cut our 2” x 4” lumber into three (3) 30” long pieces and the 1” x 5” lumber into twelve (12) 30” long pieces.
  2. Once the planks are cut to the correct sizes, they can be assembled to create a pallet-like design. Start by placing the three 2x4 pieces with the 2” side up to create the pallet runners. Two of these should be placed at the edges of your 30” width and one directly in the center.
  3. Place two 1x5 planks perpendicular to the 2x4 boards to begin creating the top deckboards. Make sure the 5” side is face down and that the two planks are perfectly aligned with the edges of the 2x4s.
  4. Before attaching the boards with your screws, make sure to predrill your holes to avoid cracking or splitting of the wood.
  5. Use screws (we used 1 ¼” tapered head screws) to attach the 1x5 boards to the 2x4s.
  6. Place four more 1x5 planks in between the two edge deckboards. This design features a gap in between each board (ours was about 11/16”). Make sure to predrill your holes before using the screws.
  7. Flip the top over and complete steps 3-6 once again to create your bottom deckboards.
  8. Once the top is completely assembled, apply the finish of your choice (we used a gel stain).
  9. You are now ready to add our Metal Hairpin Coffee Table Legs (Part #413003).
    1. Please note: these legs do arrive with attachment hardware but make sure to check the depth of your table top and the depth of the screws before using them. In this build, the screws were too long so we used shorter screws to attach the legs.
  10. Place the legs where you would like on the bottom of your table top.
    1. Optional: predrill holes to prevent damage to the wood.
  11. Drill the screws into the premade holes on the metal legs to attach them to your tabletop.
  12. Your pallet-style coffee table is now complete!

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