Builder's Studio: Industrial Style Chain Table Kit!

Osborne's Industrial Chain Table Kit is an easy way to add an industrial style to your space with minimal assembly! This kit comes with a 20" x 65" table top and is available unfinished in either Rubberwood or Hard Maple. All necessary attachment hardware and tools are included so that you can easily assemble upon arrival!

Assembly Instructions

1. Separate the components. You should have four chain legs, two metal cross braces, a packet of attachment hardware with Allen key and wrench, table top and bottom stretcher board.

2. Stain the tabletop and stretcher board the color of your choice and allow the stain to dry.

3. Place the table top face down on a flat surface. Now you can install the four legs.

4. Install the legs by using one of the included bolts, small flat washers and a small lock washer. Place the attachment plate of the leg on top of the pre-installed threaded insert holes on the bottom of the table top. With the bolt and washers assembled, insert the hardware into the hole. Use the Allen key to tighten the bolts. Repeat this with all four legs.

5. Now, we will install the stretcher board. Flip the board upside down and slide it onto the bottom of the chain legs which already have bolts attached. Pre-drilled holes are present in the stretcher board for easy attachment.

6. Add a large flat washer, large lock washer and a nut to the bolt ends on the bottom of the stretcher board. Do this on all four corners and use a socket wrench to tighten.

7. To install the cross braces, hold the brace diagonally so that it will connect the hook on the bottom of the tabletop to the hook on the top of the stretcher. You may need to twist the brace in order to create enough slack for it to reach both hooks. Once the brace is hooked, tighten the center section of the brace to ensure a secure fit. Repeat this with the second cross brace. Please note: you do not want to overtighten the braces as that could cause excess stress on the wood components.

8. Your industrial chain table is complete!

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