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All Furniture Feet

Cabinet and Furniture FeetWhether replacing old, outdated furniture feet or adding a foot to a brand new design, Osborne offers a wide variety of cabinet and furniture feet. Whether you are looking for the modern simplicity of a metal foot, the simple turned foot, a sleek square profile leg, or a carved Queen Anne style foot, Osborne has just what you are looking for. Not quite sure of the perfect fit? Browse all feet to take a look at the wide selection and find the best fit for your project today!

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Square Bun Feet

Square FeetIn the past, square bun feet have been limited to square taper furniture feet. Today with the use of rotary knife lathes we can incorporate the many shapes of the round bun feet into a broad collection of square furniture feet. The shapes appear to be totally unique even though the patterns are the same. One might compare the tulip round bun, part 4100, to the tulip square bun, part 4102 to see the similarities and differences of these furniture feet. As typical with Osborne Wood Products quality, these parts are carefully sanded to 150 grit. These elements carry the simple elegance that has set the standard for furniture feet today.


Round Bun Feet

Round Bun FeetFurniture feet at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. are formed in many creative shapes. Many are round in nature, and are also referred to as bun feet. While the Tulip Design is one of the most popular shapes in the square ogee arena it also has found its way on many trunks, chests, and kitchen applications in its round form. At 4 3/4 it can be used at its full height for trunks and furniture feet as well as being trimmed for kitchen applications. Like many of our other bun feet styles, the Tulip feet are sanded to 150 grit, giving these feet the Osborne mark of excellence.


Metal Vanity Feet

Metal Vanity FeetCabinet and furniture feet at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. are designed by numerous inspired concepts keeping in mind functionality and presentation. Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is proud to now offer metal cabinet and furniture feet in the tradition of offering diverse, yet beautifully crafted products. The new modern and contemporary styles made available offer endless style possibilities. Not to mention the numerous functional advantages metal cabinet and furniture feet possess. Metal cabinet and furniture feet are particularly exceptional on pieces that encounter moisture on a daily basis such as a vanity.


Sofa Legs

Sofa LegsSofa legs at Osborne Wood Products, Inc are designs that sofa manufacturers have requested to be made to their exacting specifications. The designs of these furniture feet vary as the functions and character of each furniture item is developed. From the Albany, part 41033, with its square block top construction made to lock into the sturdy frame elements of the commercial sofa unit to the Dalton, part 41231, made to accentuate the delicacies of a finally crafted ottoman, these furniture feet display the simple elegance that Osborne products has been known for since 1979. With 150 grit sanding, these furniture feet are ready to assemble into the well designed creations of the most discriminating craftsman.


Pedestal Feet

Coffee Table Legs can match other table legs in the room or stand alone.Osborne Wood Products, Inc. carries a variety of furniture feet with the ogee profile along with other types of pedestal feet. These feet are either square as with the Square Tulip design, part 4102, or the most popular furniture feet that are made from ogee moldings such as our 4300 design. Cabinet makers who appreciate the square look of the Square Tulip will sometimes trim some off of the bottom if their toe plate is under 4 3/4". As for the molding, at 4" tall it meets the needs of most modern cabinet designs. These parts are all carefully sanded to 150 grit guaranteeing satisfaction in both quality and design. As with all Osborne creations, the simple elegance of these furniture feet already graces many kitchens.


Queen Anne Legs

Queen Anne LegsOur cabriole leg styles are specifically designed for use as feet on cabinets, chests, seating and other furniture pieces. The furniture feet found in the Queen Anne category share the timeless sophistication of cabriole leg styling but range from the utter simplicity of the pure Queen Anne legs to the exuberant carvings found on the Carved Queen Anne or the Ball & Claw furniture feet. Our Queen Anne cabinet and furniture feet include sizes just over and under three inches in height; several pieces at 6" tall; a piece - the Winged Corner Queen Anne furniture leg - that is 10" tall; and a 32" tall cabinet foot or leg named the High Boy Queen Anne. Most styles are available in a variety of wood types.


About Cabinet and Furniture Feet

Furniture feet can include everything from turned legs to bun feet and chair legs. During the Victorian period, furniture legs and furniture feet were discretely hidden by tapestry. It was the finest fabric used to hide parts that people of that time actually associated with human anatomy. While to today's mind such thoughts are preposterous, during this period of history virtue was so extolled that no extent of protective care of the minds of men would be considered extreme. As time moved forward the tapestry was lifted. Furniture designs moved towards the development of Queen Anne legs, fine carvings, and furniture feet. While styles varied by region and period, these basic parts of furniture design have developed as useful parts of daily living which transcend time and culture.

Today we find furniture feet on various trunks, chests of drawers, armories, as well as kitchen cabinetry. The feet on cabinetry varies in style; from sofa legs, wood bun feet and ogee bracket furniture feet, to the highly styled carved claw feet and Queen Anne style vanity legs. These hand crafted feet add to both the simple elegance of many a kitchen as well as the value of the same. Many of the elaborate designs of period furniture feet now are appearing in our kitchen living spaces with a flare of the warmth of a living room romance in the family setting of the kitchen.

Choose from a wide variety of furniture feet, which is offered in up to 10 wood types and in styles that will match the decor that you are creating.