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Half Round Molding (3.5

Half Round Molding (3.5

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Half Round Molding (2" wide)

An ornate accent in addition to appliques is the carved moldingThe choice to include Osborne's half round cabinet molding on the leading edges of vertical supports or horizontal shelves can make the difference between "alright" and "fantastic" in your cabinet work. Half round molding- is a simple yet elegant way to truly complete any set of cabinets. These half round moldings can even serve as a design for the ordinary wall to spruce it up and give it a more elegant look. You can create a more complete design by including a plinth at the base line and apply vertical lines of half round molding above. The half round molding comes in smooth, reeded, fluted, and rope styles. Half Round Moldings are not only offered in 2 inches but also available in 3 1/2.


Half Round Molding (3.5" wide)

An ornate accent in addition to appliques is the carved moldingThere are numerous situations where an application of half round cabinet molding can provide the perfect solution to your design dilemma. When a wide but flat vertical surface presents itself - such as the long verticals that flank a full height bookcase - our wider 3 1/2" half round cabinet molding is just the trim to create a truly finished appearance. Consider this wider half round molding anywhere where you have plain structural surfaces - vertical or horizontal - such as the flat areas on fireplace surrounds, the vertical separator between the end of cabinet work where you would like to see more of a wall thickness than cabinet thickness as the finish or even at the beginnings of stair cases where the banister terminates into a flat wall. In addition to edging the sides and corners of cabinets in an attractive manner, half round molding can be used to create the look of half columns or pilasters along a wall or on a set of shelves or cabinets. These half-pillars reinforce the appearance of strength and stability in a design and emphasize a traditional elegant look.


Cabinet Corner Molding

Corner MoldingTo allow for more flexibility, Osborne Wood Products is now offering Clipped Corner Molding in our Half Round style. Complete with half plinths and spools, these pieces are now available in a slightly modified design, as well. With each of these being carried in up to eleven wood types, the design possibilities seem endless. These items are easily coupled with other Osborne onlays, for an array of options in creating distinguishing designs These products fit into a 2" x 2" corner. Corner molding will add style and a decorative touch to any cabinet.


About Cabinet Molding

Don't forget the cabinet molding! Because kitchen molding and trim is a quiet feature it is sometimes overlooked. This small but important detail provides with a wonderful opportunity to include a high degree of customization to your work. Cabinet molding enhances the character of the cabinetwork and by extension it enhances the room in which the cabinetwork is placed. Molding can provide classic elegance to traditional designs or reinforce a simplistic contemporary theme. The difference between appropriate molding trim and no molding at all is the difference between a completely finished final appearance and the appearance of incomplete work.

Our kitchen cabinet molding styles are offered in a range of designs to help you accomplish your design goals whether you are working with a traditional or contemporary design. Molding can be used to emphasize the verticality of a cabinet or to reinforce the horizontal features as required. Molding can draw attention to or highlight a particular detail such as an attractive arrangement of shelves or a particularly attractive range hood. A half round molding across the leading edge of a shelf can add a quiet finish. The same shelf trimmed with a rope molding will add some movement to the horizontal front of the shelf while choosing an acanthus leaf motif will bring classic elegance to the line of the shelf. Carefully chosen cabinet molding really does provide the finishing detail to your work.