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Chair Legs

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A recent addition to the Osborne Catalog is the Chair Leg Line. Chair legs offer solutions for chairs requiring a foot or leg at various heights such as 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", and 17". Chair legs are offered in a wide variety of styles. Whether you are looking for a contemporary piece or a traditional classic, the chair leg line is the perfect place to start. View the new Chair Kit Line Now.
In addition to our chair kit line, many other products can produce excellent seating options as well.
At 21” high, our end table legs may be used for higher seating such as hall chairs, wingback chairs or simply for chairs that are custom sized for taller people.  Our 18” high coffee table legs may be used as chair legs on pieces of a conventional height such as seating for family rooms or dining areas.  You may also create companion pieces such as stools or benches from these components. 

We have successfully produced nice stools from our coffee table legs combined with skirting sets.   We also offer legs designed for sofas as well as both square and round bun feet that can serve as chair legs on lower pieces or for frames that will be upholstered.   Turned table legs used as chair legs can be used to good effect in supporting a variety of style effects ranging from Jacobean to Colonial and Colonial Revival.  Turned legs that are tapered serve nicely for chair legs that will serve in settings that require clean lines or with interiors that reflect a neo-classical sensibility whether it be French or English influenced.  Turned legs with fluting are also associated with design periods as recent as the Edwardian period of the early twentieth century.   Simple two-seat or three-seat settees may also use legs taken from our table leg collections.

Our Queen Anne legs provide a traditional presentation for chair legs and are especially suited to wing back chairs or other seating with a higher back.   You mays step the chair legs up a notch by using our carved Queen Anne leg thereby giving a Georgian influence to your seating.  Still another option for creating a dressed up and classic look is our ball and claw chair legs.  These can be used to good effect for legs on upholstered chairs.

Stools used for seating may be created from any of our lower height legs, which lend themselves nicely as chair legs for this purpose.  A nice way of adding to the antique effect of a stool with turned legs is to also utilize turned wood to create and “H” shaped stretcher below the seating.