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Cabinet Corner Moulding

10″ x 2 58″ x 1 34

Corner Plinth with Mod. Spool

Part #6992
$14.23 - $32.92
10″ x 2 58″ x 1 34

Corner Plinth with Spool

Part #6990
$14.23 - $32.92
10″ x 2 58″ x 1 34

Corner Center Plinth with Spool

Part #6995
$15.54 - $41.40
10″ x 2 58″ x 1 34

Corner Center Plinth with Mod. Spool

Part #6996
$15.54 - $34.29
12″ x 2 58″ x  34

Corner Splice Stick

Part #6998
$15.08 - $35.34
10″ x 2 18″ x 1 12

10" Transitional Block

Part #892085
$12.11 - $15.55
6″ x 2 18″ x 2″

6" Transitional Block

Part #892084
$10.17 - $12.62
10″ x 2 58″ x 1 34

Corner Plinth

Part #6991
$13.54 - $31.30

About Cabinet Corner Molding

While adding molding to a flat surface is a relatively easy affair, a problem can sometimes be presented when the area needing an extra decorative touch is an inside corner. It is for situations such as these that Osborne Wood Products now carries cabinet corner molding. While the back is still flat, this new clipped cabinet corner molding has edges that are angled out, providing a surface that can "grab" the sides of the inside corner. Since the piece does not entirely occupy the corner, this creates an excellent space for hidden cords or wiring, as there is still a small space between the molding and the corner in which it is applied. The angled edges, however, provide a snug fit for the molding, allowing for a corner that is virtually seamless. Adding a subtle and yet distinctive accent to any setting has never been so easy!

The look of fluted, reeded, or even smooth cabinet corner molding is a simple touch that can add dramatic difference in a given room. As stated above, corner cabinet molding is used on inside corners, such as those found on cabinetry, the inside corner between two walls, or even the corner between wall and ceiling. Instead of a plain corner, the woodwork is dressed up a bit, creating a unique look that adds just the right amount of flair to the feel of the room, without going overboard. It is amazing what a difference a simple and unassuming piece of fluted half dowel makes when applied to such a corner. As with other Osborne moldings, these indispensable accents are available unfinished, in more than ten wood types, including the ever popular Cherry, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Alder, and paint grade Soft Maple. Cabinet corner molding is available from Osborne Wood Products in twelve inch increments, between 24 and 96 inch pieces.