Design the Perfect Work-From-Home Space

Working from home has become the new normal for many people, increasing the need for a functional and aesthetically pleasing home office space. If you’re making the transition to working from home or if you need to upgrade your space, we’re here to help.

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The Desk

The most important part of any office space is the desk, and everyone wants the perfect desk. What “perfect” is will mean different things to different people, though. While some may want a clean, sleek desk with shallow drawers set against a wall with beautiful floating shelves holding your things an arm’s reach away, others may want a large, elegant desk centered in the middle of the room with beautiful bookshelves held up by classically designed corbels behind it.

Whatever your dream desk may look like, we offer a wide variety of legs to suit any design. Many desks are at or around 30” tall, which makes our dining table legs the perfect height. They are all made at a standard 29” tall to accommodate a 1” thick table top in order to reach that 30” total height. Our wooden legs are available in several different wood types, too, allowing you to further customize your desk to match existing furniture or to create beautiful contrast.

As a bonus, many of our dining table legs can also have our electrical receptacle notch service added. Initially designed for island legs, this service can be incredibly handy in the home office, especially for desks located in the center of the room. Having an electrical receptacle outlet an arm’s reach away instead of all the way across the room can help you keep your cords organized and help prevent the possibility of tripping over them, as well.

In addition to our wooden legs, we also offer wood/metal and wood/acrylic fusion legs, incorporating decorative metal or acrylic elements like centers or feet to enhance the look of your desk or table. With metal finishes in multiple colors, you can coordinate your desk legs with any appliances or decor in your office. We also offer a handful of completely metal legs and completely acrylic legs.

To make your project especially easy, not only can you order your legs from us, but you can get the whole table base! Once you choose a leg, if it can be used in a table base kit, you can click “Order a Table Apron With This Kit” on the product’s page to go to our kit builder. There, you can select your wood type of choice, enter your dimensions, and customize your kit. This will give you the legs, skirt boards, and hardware necessary for you to assemble your table base. Note: even though our form asks for table top dimensions, the table top is NOT included.

If you want a table top, don’t worry – we make those too! You can choose from our selection of stock table top options, which includes tops of various sizes and styles, or you can contact us for a quote on a custom size top. For desks where you plan on writing on your table top, you may not want to choose any of our rustic plank table top kits as the edges of each plank are rounded slightly, which would give you small but pronounced grooves all along your top that would be problematic for your pens.

Corbel shelving


When it comes to shelving, you could go in any direction, from a contemporary floating shelf to a more classic shelf supported by elegant corbels and trimmed in beautiful molding.

We offer two different types of floating shelf hardware which you can use to create your own floating shelves. We also offer two pre-made floating shelf kits, one using that same hardware and one using a dowel system instead.

Or you can create a unique design with a corbel shelf. When it comes to corbels, there’s almost no end to what you can do with them. Since our corbels come in a variety of designs and many designs come in a variety of sizes, it’s easy to coordinate your look throughout your home. Corbels can be used in plenty of different ways, too. For example, larger corbels make great support for open shelving, or you can use a small, shallow corbel to dress up your table legs.

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Accessories can help make any room truly unique. We don’t just make legs and corbels. We offer a variety of other items that you can use to create a beautiful, functional office space that is uniquely yours. For example:

  • Add some classical elegance to your overhead lighting fixture with one of our beautiful, hand carved ceiling medallions.
  • Add a farmhouse touch to your cabinets, shelves, or windows with our one-door or two-door folding barn door hardware.
  • Upgrade your outlet covers to our beautiful wooden ones, then stain them to match your desk or shelves.
  • Add some of our casters to your desk, bookshelf, or a side table to add an industrial touch and make your furniture mobile.
  • Upgrade any drawers in your office with our hand carved wooden knobs & drawer pulls.

If you’re ready to dive in and create the home office space of your dreams, order the perfect parts and accessories today!

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