Embellish Your Kitchen With Corbels

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Corbels and brackets are often seen as structural elements within a home design. While they do offer support to your project, they can also be important in the overall theme of your space. Osborne has everything from small to oversized corbels with simple and ornate profiles. Choose the profile that fits your build and you can easily customize it to match your existing kitchen design. We have several wood types to choose from and the corbel will be unfinished so it is ready for a custom finish to be applied. There are many uses for decorative brackets throughout the home, but we want to share some popular ways you can use corbels as decorative embellishments in your kitchen renovation.

1. Kitchen Islands

Add corbels underneath the overhang of your kitchen island countertop or at the end of the island to create a personalized statement. Large island height corbels can be used in lieu of island posts and add an architectural feel to your design. Smaller corbels add beautiful decoration underneath overhangs where there is a lot of open space.

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Brackets are also great for supporting extensions that are intended for island-height seating, as long as they are thoughtfully placed so they are not in the way of your guests. Stain or paint wooden corbels the same color as the rest of your island for a seamless look, or finish them with a contrasting color so they stand out. If you have multiple hues featured in your kitchen, corbels can be used to beautifully enhance an accent color. We also offer metal corbels and brackets that can beautifully accent a contemporary or industrial kitchen.

2. Range Hoods

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This is where you can really grab the attention of your guests. You can use several different sizes of corbels underneath your range hood or stove top depending on the design goal. Smaller brackets add nice, delicate detail while extra large designs can be a focal point of the room. Using corbels underneath a range hood often makes the entire space feel larger and more grand. This use of corbels is great for adding another stylistic touch to your unique design.

3. Cabinets

Similarly to a range hood application, you can incorporate corbels underneath your upper cabinets as decorative support. This helps add dimension to your open countertops. If you want to enhance the look of your lower cabinets, corbels can be used as accents along the flat front-facing surfaces. This works especially well when there are noticeable transitions between cabinets (such as corners or changes in depth). They can also be used to elevate the look of other storage solutions in your space, such as a wine cabinet or hutch.

4. Window Frames and Doorways

Many kitchens feature doorways or windows that open the space up to the rest of the home. Distinguish the kitchen by installing corbels in the corners of these frames. When mounted to the ceiling, corbels can provide a beautiful transition between the wall and ceiling. If you have a window in your kitchen, corbels can also be used in the top corners of the window or underneath deep window sills for added character.

5. Shelving

Want more storage space but like the idea of open shelves rather than closed cabinetry? Corbels are wonderful support solutions for open shelving. The style of corbel you choose can completely change the look of the shelf. If you are going for a more modern, minimalist approach to your kitchen, using corbels in this way will subtly create detail and dimension while appearing to be mostly functional.

6. Decorative Accents

Corbels can also be used simply as decorative pieces that are not necessarily needed for support. Add smaller corbels to the side of island legs or front of cabinetwork for extra detail. If you have a statement piece in your kitchen, such as a fireplace or piece of furniture, you could also use corbels to dress up those elements in your space. The possibilities are endless!

Regardless of the size of your kitchen renovation project, corbels are an easy way to create a new look. Look at your current design or the plans for your new kitchen and determine where a decorative bracket may fit in. No matter what your style is, there are corbels in our vast inventory that will complement it perfectly.


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