Install a Pedestal Extender Kit

What is a pedestal extender kit?

A pedestal extender kit, whether custom made or purchased from us (Part #90020), can be used on table pedestals to add height without making major modifications to the pedestal itself. There are several reasons this may be beneficial for you:

  • Not all pedestals may be made standard dining height so a pedestal extender kit can help bring them up to height.
  • Having the additional boards also provides extra support underneath your top.
  • If you have a pedestal table that currently has table slides on it to allow leaves to be added but you no longer want it to expand like that, you can remove the slides and replace them with the extender kit without having to replace your whole table.
  • If you don’t currently have an expandable pedestal table that uses table slides but you may want one in the future, you can still use the extender kit now and replace the kit with slides later without having to modify your pedestal.

We offer our pedestal extender kit that is already designed to work with many of our pedestal centers, such as our Reeded Pedestal Kit (Part #1164), both of which were featured in our tutorial video on attaching a top to your pedestal. Written instructions can be viewed below the video.

How to attach a top to your pedestal using pedestal extender kit:

When you receive your kit, it will include two long boards measuring 28″ x 3″ x 1″, one plywood plate measuring 14 7/8″ square x 3/4″ thick, and a small bag of screws for assembly.

1 – Begin with your table top upside down. Place your two 28″ boards on the underside of your table top with the wider predrilled screw holes facing you. Make sure the boards are the correct distance apart to allow you to later install the plate onto them while keeping your pedestal centered. Screw the long boards in using screws appropriate for your top.

2 – The plywood plate will come with three different kinds of predrilled holes. The two different kinds of holes in the center are for attaching the plate to your pedestal and the third set of holes along two sides are for attaching the plate to the two 28″ boards. Make sure the holes along the sides are facing the right direction for later installation, then set the plate onto the bolts on the top of your pedestal.

3 – Using the hardware that goes with your pedestal base (usually washers and nuts), attach the plate to your pedestal.

4 – With your table top upside down and the 28″ long boards attached, turn your pedestal upside down on top of the boards. Line up the small holes on the plywood plate to the boards, making sure your pedestal is centered.

5 – Screw the plate to the two long boards using the screws that come with the kit.

6 – Admire your completed table!

Osborne Wood Products carries a diverse line of dining table pedestal kits that range in height from 25 to 29". Our pedestal kits are available in several different wood types, sanded to 150 grit, and ready-to-finish. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? No problem, we can custom make just about any design you have in mind. You can request a quote by calling our customer service line at 800-849-8876, emailing your request to [email protected], or filling out our quote request form on our website.

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