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Island Legs

35.5 Kitchen Island Legs

35.5 Kitchen Island Legs

Bar Height Island Legs

Bar Height Island Legs

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Extra Wide Kitchen Island Legs

cabinet corner posts

cabinet pilasters


34.5" Island Legs

Island Legs can be applied to a cabinet or stand alone to support a countertop

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. carries a wide variety of Kitchen Island Legs. Standing 34 1/2" tall, these legs can be applied to a cabinet face or stand alone to support a countertop, peninsula or center kitchen island. Styles including traditional, reeded, twisted, contemporary, and mission, arts and crafts are all hand crafted, emphasizing the sharp detail of the various designs available.


Osborne's posts are sanded to 150 grit and hand inspected several times prior to shipping in order to provide superior quality and ensure that your island legs are ready for you to begin work the minute you receive them. Watch a video here to learn more about how some of our Craftsman Island Legs are made.


Kitchen Island Legs provide both ample support for countertops and a design element that creates more of a furniture look in the kitchen. Kitchen Island Legs can also be used on raised tables, which are popular in eating areas in the kitchen.


35.5" Island Legs

Island Legs can be applied to a cabinet or stand alone to support a countertop

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has a broad selection of kitchen island legs in many styles, sizes, and wood types. While most of these island posts are a height of 35 1/2 inches, 36" island height corbels are available in a few select styles. With most of these pieces available in more than ten wood types, a wide range of design concepts are right here at your fingertips! Whether the delicate English Country look of the Wilmington or the stately air of column styled legs like the Massive Savannah and the Islander, a broad variety of possibilities awaits you.


Osborne also offers half legs, split legs, notched legs, and various other types of milling so you have even more options to incorporate kitchen island legs into your living space. A common milling option for an island leg is the rectangular split leg, this creates two half legs vertically split so that the cabinet maker or builder can apply a half leg on the cabinet face. You can read more about this service on our Service Page.


40.5" Island Legs

Taller Island Leg attached on a kitchen island

Perfect for bars and elevated countertops, these island legs stand 40 1/2" tall. The styles offered in this height also match the shorter kitchen island legs making it easy to tie together designs within a room. Bars can also be adorned with these legs split in half or standing alone to support the countertop. Though we have an extensive line of kitchen island legs in stock, we also provide custom turnings in any height up to 96" tall. If you don't find the exact kitchen island leg you are looking for just ask us for a custom quote.


Taller kitchen island legs can also be used for kitchen tables. Kitchen tables normally seat 2-6 people; they are often times countertop-height or taller and utilize bar stools for seating.


Osborne’s kitchen island legs are also widely used on bars to add decorative appeal to the corners and face of the bar. These taller kitchen island legs are often times referred to as Bar Top Legs.


Island Height Corbels

Carved corbels can also take the place of island legs on cabinetryAmong the most elaborate and impressive pieces Osborne Wood Products offers are found these Island Height Corbels. Island Height Corbels serve the same structural function as kitchen island legs but provide an opportunity for a more elaborate presentation. Designed with a flat back surface, these corbels can stand flush against kitchen cabinetry to help physically support a protruding countertop. The corbels are normalled attached to the cabinetry by screwing a few fasteners through the inside of the cabinet into the corbel.


Sharp and beautifully executed carvings adorn each corbel, which will add elegance to any set of room. The island height corbels range from simple shaker designs to ornate carving of acanthus leaves and grapes.


The Fusion Legs

Island Legs can be applied to a cabinet or stand alone to support a countertopOsborne’s line of Fusion Legs incorporates wood and metal accents within a single kitchen island leg. The kitchen island many times displays multiple materials such as stainless steel, wood, glass, or tile. Our fusion style kitchen island legs helps tie the materials together into a cohesive design statement. The variety of fusion kitchen island legs span from contemporary, such as the Solaris or the Weston, to traditional, such as the Electra or Walton.


You have complete control with the fusion leg selection, being able to choose a wood type and a metal finish for each island leg you select. We have carefully selected choice metal finishes to combine with our numerous wood species, they include: Flat Black, Chrome, Gun Metal Gray, Brushed Aluminum (which is similar to Stainless Steel), and Brushed Copper.


Working with fusion kitchen island legs is easy as well, feel free to watch our instructional video on how to disassemble the legs for finishing.


6-8" Wide Island Legs

Husky kitchen island legsSometimes projects call for something larger than the average island leg. When normal size posts are just not enough for your application, check out the 6”-8” wide island legs available from Osborne Wood Products. These oversized island legs are built with high quality wood to be structurally sound; bringing just the right balance to the design. Use them to hold up counter-tops, flank a cooktop or sink, or create the perfect eating bar-top.


All posts in this category will have a width of at least 6 inches and a height that will accomodate kitchen cabinets.


Corner Legs and Posts

Cabinet Corner posts for vanities and furniture

Osborne Wood Products offers a wide variety of legs, feet, and posts to decorate your home furnishing and cabinets. With this wide variety, we offer corner posts that will add wonderful detail to your cabinetry, vanities, and furniture projects.


These legs are perfect for your projects because of the minimal space required and how perfectly they fit into vanity and cabinet designs. The exquisite hand carved detail is simply outstanding and gorgeous. The legs that Osborne Wood Products provides are sure to fit the style of most any project whether it is an extravagant ornate design or a more muted project. These corner posts are sure to steal the show! Osborne Wood Products is sure to have the corner post to best meet your cabinet and vanity design need.


About Kitchen Island Legs

Osborne Wood Products has a large variety of kitchen island legs to meet your requirements. In addition to their functional uses, our unfinished table legs can be used as the starting point for developing a motif or as an opportunity to reinforce a style statement. When you are looking for a kitchen island post to support a counter-height table or a granite countertop, you will find that we offer legs in a broad array of styles. These sizes can also be used for peninsula legs. From the charm of the English Country style to the clean and simple lines of the Shaker style, or from the recessed carving of the Mission posts to the more ornate Old World feel; our turned or hand carved wood island legs are available to meet all of your design needs.

We offer butcher block legs for designs addressing low shelving or greater support. You will also find kitchen table legs in multiple designs and sizes that have a stretcher block for the additional beams. Buffet legs are available as well that accommodate extended top blocks between twelve and eighteen inches high. Our inventory can also address different requirements with legs ranging in width from 2 1/2 " to 8" square. Many of our most popular styles are available in four widths: 3", 3 1/2", 4" and 5" - and most of our posts are available at 34 1/2" and 35 1/2" high with a few styles available at 40 1/2" tall. As always, our kitchen island legs are available from a selection of ten to twelve wood types. You may also discover that our selection of standard designs can provide you with options for replacement table legs for repairing and redesigning existing tables.

We are also please to assist you with custom order work when you cannot find precisely what you need from our standard inventory. You may order custom legs with our customer service representatives or by using the quote form on the website.