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Pearl & Bead Moulding

Part #891357
Part #891355
 516″ x  18″ x 36″

Half Round Pearl Beading (3ft stick)

Part #891353
Part #891354
Part #891351
Part #891350
Part #891375
Part #891352
Part #891702
 316″ x  12″ x 36″

Half Round Barrel & Bead (3ft stick)

Part #891377

Pearl and Bead Moldings are most popular for decorative applications. Used in homes for small projects such as creating a new photo frame, spicing up your cabinetry by applying these to the tops for an extra detail, and even around your furniture to put that little simplistic touch that makes it stand out so much more. Unlike most molding, the pearl and bead moldings are small enough to put just a slight extra detail on your projects without taking away from the rest of the piece. These gorgeous pieces give an elegant touch to your design, almost as if your projects were wearing the classic pearls themselves.

This molding was designed to be easy to use for the homeowner, hobbyist, and contractor. There are multiple easy to use application methods such as wood glue and trim nails that are sure to make the experience of applying these beautiful molding that much better. The aesthetic appeal of these gorgeous pearl and bead moldings are perfect for the elegant, ornate, or sophisticated.

Pleasing, ingenious and simple, these moldings are sure to make your home stand out more than ever. Take a look at part number 891351, the Half Round Pearl Beading. It is perfect for the simplistic picture frame molding and outline that many have gravitated towards in recent years. It would also make a beautiful trim for cabinetry or furniture such as amours, china cabinets, and even kitchen cabinets. Perhaps you would prefer something like part number 891377, the Half Round Barrel & Bead Molding to add an extra touch to the normal pearl molding. However you choose to use this type of molding, you are sure you add an amazing touch of elegance to your home. Check out the Bendix Collection of Pearl and Bead Moldings now to get started on your next project!