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Simple Half Round Panel Moulding

 58″ x  516″ x 96″ Part #8991055 Simple Half Round Panel Moulding
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Simple Half Round Molding is a perfect molding for trim on cabinets or furniture. With a flat back and a raised edge, the half round style of this moulding allows you to attach it to the trim of a cabinet, or make it more of a column in your designs. 


The Simple Half Round Molding is a smooth and rounded curves along the length of the trim. Although not quite like our beaded mouldings, it has the effect of a string of oval shaped beads attached along the trim of your cabinets.


Handcrafted from European Beech Wood, this moulding arrives at your house sanded smooth to the touch. Only part that is required of you is to attach the moulding, stain and finish it, and you get a professional looking trim that you have completed yourself!