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Acanthus Leaf Bracket

6″ x 3 34″ x 6 18 Part #891754 Acanthus Leaf Bracket
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•  Paintgrade $51.53  ea
•  Cherry $88.70  ea
•  Hard Maple $72.13  ea

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This piece is highly unique and stylish in nature. The Open Acanthus bracket contains the intricate style of our handcarved products to the next level. The design is simple, containing a single acanthus leaf, however, this leaf is fairly large and is designed to add flavor to your woodwork designs. This bracket is open, so it does not stay flush against the corner of your shelving or mantel. Leaving space between the bracket and your shelving makes it unique compared to other bracket or corbel options.


This bracket is 6 inches from bottom to top, and still sturdy enough for an extended countertop. With the tip of the leaves placed on the bottom portion of your shelf, the leaf extends to 6 1/8 inches away from the corner of the shelving to give it full support. With an additional 3 3/4 inches of width, this bracket is perfect for adding a professional and unique look while still remaining structurally sound.


This piece comes in your choice of four different wood types, specific to your woodworking needs. It arrives sanded and unfinished, allowing you the option of staining it a color to match your designs. This item is handcarved, making all the more unique from its countertops. Pair with our other Acanthus leaf options and complete your designs today!