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Table Tops

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Table Tops are a new and exciting addition to the Osborne Product line! This offering of table tops adds a new element of style and design to the table component catalog. With table tops available in various paint- and stain- grade wood types, the perfect table is just a click away! Butcher block table tops have also been added to the table top line to give new and exciting options for construction. Osborne table tops are carefully crafted by skilled woodworkers; they are sanded to 150 grit and are ready to be installed and finished. Grace your home with a stunning, 100% wood table top. Impress your guests and enjoy countless memories around your new kitchen or dining room table. Get started by clicking your table top choice above.

solid wooden coffee table

While wooden table tops have traditionally found their home on dining tables, foyer table, and coffee tables, more and more wood tops are being used as countertops in the kitchen. A dark stained wooden countertop can serve as a focal point in the kitchen full of white marble or granite countertops. If using an Osborne top as a countertop or vanity top please be sure to seal it appropriately, constant exposure to water can break down many wood sealers.

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