Table Slides

Standard Table Slides

The standard table slide, used for opening and extending standard four leg tables, consists of a series of parallel boards that are able to slide back and forth on smooth joinery with a male and female butterfly notch. Our table slides for standard tables accommodate openings from 26" to 120". Please note: a slide designed for use on a four legged table develops a camber to compensate for sagging at the center of the table. It is important to use the correct table slide.

Equalizing Slides

Tabletops that are supported on a single pedestal require an equalizer slide that incorporates a rack and pinion system to ensure that the tops open and close easily while staying in balance. Our equalizer slides will permit openings on pedestal tables from 25 1/2" to 79". Please note: the slide that is designed for use on a pedestal table develops a camber to compensate for sagging at the ends of the table. It is important to use the correct table slide.


For more information about choosing the right slide or installing a slide, please visit:

The Table Slide Information Page

40″ x 2⅜″ x 5″

40" Equalizer Slide (79" opening)

Part #9054
26″ x 2⅜″ x 5″

26" Equalizer Slide (51" opening)

Part #9053
50″ x 2⅜″

50" Equalizer Slide (49" opening)

Part #9052
38″ x 2⅜″

38" Equalizer Slide (37" opening)

Part #9051
26″ x 2⅜″ x 3″

26" Equalizer Slide (25 1/2" opening)

Part #9050
48″ x 3″ x 6″

48" Table Slide (120" opening)

Part #9061
40″ x 3″ x 6″

40" Table Slide (100" opening)

Part #9060
30″ x 3″ x 6″

30" Table Slide (75" opening)

Part #9059
20″ x 3″ x 6″

20" Table Slide (50" opening)

Part #9058
48″ x 3″

48" Table Slide (51" opening)

Part #9057
38″ x 3″

38" Table Slide (38" opening)

Part #9056
26″ x 3″

26" Table Slide (26" opening)

Part #9055

Table Slides

The early solution to seating large crowds was to push multiple tables together, like box cars on a train, to accommodate large groups of people. Flip top tables were also used to increase and decrease a table's seating capacity. Isn't it wonderful that we now have a better solution!? Table extension slides were designed out of this seating dilema. Today, table extension slides are offered in a variety of materials and sizes to accommodate any number of guests!


Osborne Wood Products offers two specific types of table extension slides. First, the standard table slide is made of hardwood maple, and is designed for maximum efficiency. We prefer these solid wood table slides, as they supply ample support for your extension design. Developed with a camber, standard table slides compensate for natural sag at the center of the table, allowing you to have a flat dining surface. Standard slides range in length from 20" to 48" in length, with sizes to accommodate 26 inches to 120 inches of opening.


Our equalizer table slides are designed specifically for pedestal tables, or where the table base is fixed. The camber of these slides is specifically designed to combat the sagging on the ends of your pedestal table surface. Lengths of our equalizer slides start at 26 inches and go to 48. Equalizing slides accommodate tables with openings from 25 1/2 inches all the way to 79 inches.


Are you unsure of the right table slide for your next design? Check out our Table Slide Information Page to learn more about choosing the perfect slide! You can also contact our friendly customer service representatives at 1.800.849.8876 with questions or concerns.

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