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Wooden Table Base Kits

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If you can imagine your dream table and make the tabletop -- we can supply you with everything else you need to make the table a reality.  Our table base kits for four legged tables include the legs you select along with the aprons, corner blocks and all necessary hardware with the exception of the screws to mount the tabletop you provide.  Create your custom wooden table base kit now. table base skirting components The legs for all of our table base kits are pre-mounted with threaded hanger bolts and are already mortised to receive the tenons on your side aprons.  The aprons that come with all table leg kits are predrilled to receive the supplied screws used to secure the mortise and tenon joints.  These aprons are always milled to 1” x 4” (finished dimensions) and include the option of a beaded, rounded or squared bottom profile.  Further, with any Osborne wood table leg kit order you will receive four mitered wood corner blocks that are predrilled both for receiving the threaded hanger bolt as well as for being secured to the inside perimeter of the apron.  We also include the appropriate quantity of each of the types of hardware you will need with your wood table leg kit.  These will include the preinstalled hanger bolts, washers and nuts, the screws for tightening the aprons to the legs, and the screws for mounting the corner blocks to the aprons.

You may create a dining table kit by selecting “dining table” under the Choose Table Type heading on our order form.  You will have the opportunity to select leg styles, wood types and dimensions that will result in the components necessary to create your one-of-a-kind dining table.  You can also use our table leg kits to create coffee tables or end tables by merely selecting the appropriate leg height.  Our wood table base kits can also become island apron kits by choosing one of our taller island legs when creating your table on our order site.  The resulting taller tables serve equally well as either central preparation areas or in-kitchen dining areas.  And – as with all of our wooden table base kits – the island apron kit provides you the opportunity to use custom dimensions, overhang and wood types in creating your own unique a table using a table base kit

We also offer you pedestal base kits that allow you to create your own custom made pedestal table.  And we further help you by offering rack and pinion table extenders specifically designed for use with the pedestal base kits that will result in easy-to-open pedestal tables. (We also have extensions available for use on four legged tables as well).

So go ahead and imagine your dream table.  We will help you build it whether you are thinking of dining tables, kitchen island height tables or any other style of table.  Invest your own style in the design by selecting from our vast array of leg designs and wood types.  Take advantage of the ability to customize the size to perfectly suit your space.  You’re going to be pleased with the outcome so be sure to visit Table Apron Sets to begin the process of making your dream table a reality.  Click here to begin the process of making your table dream a reality.

Will My Skirting Boards Be Flush with the Post?

No. The skirting boards and island posts/table legs will not be flush. The skirting boards will be set back slightly on the leg. The amount of set back will vary depending on the width of the leg you choose. Please use the chart below for reference as to the amount of set back your base kit will have:


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