Three-Legged Mid-Century Modern Table

Osborne's Single Leg Mounting Cleats (Part #3911) are the perfect option for building your round end table, coffee table, or dining table! These mounting cleats are sold individually, making it easy to customize your project with either three legs or four legs. The angled design will give your table that classic Mid-Century Modern look at an affordable cost. When paired with our Wheeler End Table Leg (Part #1291), the end result is a timeless new addition to your space.

Assembly Instructions

Overall Dimensions: 36” x 36” x 22”

What we used:

Single Mounting Cleats (Part #3911)Tapered Wheeler Legs (Part #1291)
• Circular Table Top (36" diameter) - click here to
request a custom top from Osborne

Other items needed:

• Angle Gauge• Ruler
• Drill• Stain/Paint (optional)
• Proper Safety Equipment• Sander (optional)
• Writing Utensil


  1. Start off by measuring out where you would like to place your legs on the round table surface. Measure the center of the table top then take an angled gauge at 120 degrees. This will create even thirds that can be marked to create where to lay out your cleats.

  2. Place your cleats centered on the lines on the underside on the table top. Leave a 2” overhang from the top to edge of the cleat; placing the cleat there will allow the end of the legs to be even with the outer edge of the top.

  3. Drill a hole where you just measured your cleats. Once drilled, place the end pocket hole of the cleat on top and drill screws into all three cleats with all three pocket holes to ensure the cleats are secure.

  4. Now that the cleats are installed, get ready to sand, stain and paint your table top and legs to your desired style. (To reference our build we used a lighter stain on the table top, then spray painted the legs white)

  5. Lastly, assemble your legs into the mounting cleats by twisting them into the middle insert. NOTE: Osborne wheeler legs are available with a preinstalled hanger bolt upon request. This makes the installation process a bit easier. Additional fees apply.

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