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Unfinished Wood Table Legs

Unfinished Furniture Legs

For your convenience, our legs are only available as unfinished furniture legs.  It would be difficult to match a client’s existing finish so the unfinished furniture legs seem to meet everyone’s needs better.  Our broad inventory of leg styles are available in a variety of wood types so that you can select something that really meets yourunfinished wood table legs needs or matches your existing work.  Some woods lend themselves to painting and others to staining, and our unfinished wood legs are available in both types.  Our traditional wood types include soft maple, red oak, knotty pine and rubberwood.  With the exception of soft maple, these woods may be used to manufacture unfinished furniture legs that may be either painted or stained depending on the effect you are trying to create.  Our premium wood line includes alder, cherry, hard maple, hickory, mahogany, red birch, black walnut and lyptus.   Each of these wood types has unique properties that offer a variety of finished effects depending on the stain and finish that is used.  Unfinished furniture legs manufactured from our premium woods can either be used to match existing work that you have or as components on entirely new pieces.   We also offer unfinished furniture legs in one of two woods – hard maple and cherry – that are harvested from renewable resources recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council.  This gives you the opportunity to use unfinished furniture legs on projects with the assurance that you are using sustainable resources in your work.

Our broad inventory of unfinished furniture legs includes a large number of turned legs in addition to squared legs and legs that feature hand carving.  These legs are offered in popular sizes that make them useful for a variety of projects.  We offer, for example, heights suitable for coffee table legs, end table legs and dining table legs along with unfinished furniture legs that will work for kitchen countertop or island height or lower pieces designed as sofa legs.  We also offer a line of unfinished furniture legs composed of legs suitable for creating stylish vanities to dress up a master bathroom or powder room.  Our unfinished furniture legs are also useful for creating benches and stools and can also serve as attractive embellishments to mantelpieces and bookshelves.

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