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Wooden Furniture and Cabinet Legs

Wooden Furniture Legs

The term “wood legs” can be used to describe a variety of our leg products including table legs, kitchen island legs, furniture legs or vanity legs to name but a few.  Our wood legs represent a broad range of styles and dimensions to suit your particular needs.  The styles may be as simple as a four sided, tapered leg or a fully embellished design such as our Acanthus Leaf Country Dining Table leg.  We have styles that lend themselves to traditional work as well as designs that are sleek and clean.  Our inventory includes wood legs that are slender and other styles that proudly show their heft.  Heights for our wood legs range from as low as coffee table height to products tall enough for use on kitchen counters and islands

Wood legs come in thinner designs like our Heritage Dining Table leg and in heftier styles such as the Country Squire leg.  Any of these styles – regardless of the dimensions – may be order from wooden turned table legs from Osborne Wood Productsour wide range of wood types, which permits you full design flexibility with respect to effects that may be obtained by staining compared with that achieved through painted finishes.  In the event that we do not have the precise wood legs for which you are looking, we are capable of assisting you with the production of custom design work.  This may be a matter of creating an exact copy of a piece you already have in hand or it might involve bringing your own ideas to reality for the first time.  We can also alter items within our existing inventory to meet your specifications through custom ordering.  As with our standard inventory, the custom wood legs we make for you can be dimensioned to suit your needs in wood types that you select.  Wood legs provide a wonderful opportunity to add warmth and beauty to a room.  You can create harmony by choosing wood legs that match existing woodwork or feature a nice wood leg by contrasting it with the surrounding wood.  Carefully selected wood legs are one of the most important details in designing your special table, cabinet, island or other piece of furniture.

Wooden furniture legs provide one of the pivotal opportunities to set the style for a project.  Being both utilitarian and aesthetic, the careful selection of wooden furniture legs will affect both the usefulness and the appearance.   From a functional perspective, the first consideration for the leg is the height with regard to how high you need your finished object to be.  The first consideration from a decorative point of view is how to use wooden furniture legs to visually reinforce a style or atmosphere you are trying to create.  Tapered square legs, for example, can say contemporary, Arts and Crafts, or even Sheraton depending on how they are handled and the same is true whether you are looking for sofa legs or table legs.  Round tapered legs with fluting can be high style English or French or become reminiscent of country pieces depending on whether the scale of the wooden furniture legs is delicate or heavy.  We offer many selections from which you can choose.  Our standard inventory of legs are designed to accommodate something as low as a coffee table or end table or pieces as tall as dining tables and kitchen islands. 

We also produce wooden furniture legs that are designed for use on very low pieces and include both square bun feet and round bun feet in addition to legs designed specifically for use on sofas.  Any of our many designs and styles may be order from the vast array of wood types that we keep available including species that are suitable for painted finishes as well as those that come to life when stained and finished.  Sometimes a standard inventory items won’t meet your needs.  In this case we are delighted to work with you on producing your custom designs.  These may be produced in any of the same wood types in which we offer our standard inventory.  Custom designed wooden furniture legs may also be created from our existing inventory items in situations where the style meets your needs by the standard heights do not.  Custom design work is also a good solution for situations where you like the features found on several wooden furniture legs and would like to combine them into one.  We will be glad to help you create these.

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