Builder's Studio: Twisted White Oak Bar Table

In this Builder's Studio, we show you how to create a beautiful White Oak Bar Table using Osborne's new Double Twist Island Legs (Part #143658). These legs feature a unique double twist profile in the center with square blocks on each end. Paired with a custom white oak table top and base, this table is sure to fit great in a variety of spaces. With our custom table base kit and a custom table top, this was a simple build that will blow your guests away!

Assembly Instructions

Overall Dimensions: 35 ½” tall with a 36” x 36” top (2” overhang)

What we used:

Other items needed:

• Wood Glue• Drill• Sander
• Measuring Tool• Danish Oil• Rag
• Screws• Gloves• Polyurethane (Optional)


  1. Source the materials and supplies needed for this project.

  2. First, assemble your Osborne table base kit. Customize your kit on our website by measuring your table top and determining your desired overhang (our measurements were 36’ x 36’) . If you are interested in a more in depth tutorial scan the QR code labeled “How to Assemble a Kitchen Island Base Kit” below.

  3. Now that you have assembled your table base, start sanding your table top to 220 grit.

  4. Next, add a little bit of Danish oil on the table top surface and flood it out with a dry rag. Let it sit for a few minutes before taking a clean rag and buffing the surface.

  5. Now let the danish oil soak in for about 10-15 minutes and come back and flood the surface again. Repeat the process until the table top will not absorb anymore oil.

  6. Use the same danish oil and rag method to finish the table base.

  7. Attach the top and base together. The table base kit includes pocket holes for easy attachment to the top (there are also other options on Osborne’s website such as z-clips and figure eight fasteners if you want an attachment that allows for more wood movement). Place your tabletop face down, then place your table base kit on top ensuring that it is centered. If an overhang was desired (we wanted a 2” overhang) ensure the measurements line up to accommodate that overhang.

  8. Add screws to the pocket holes. The screws used will be determined on the thickness of your table top. Be sure that they are short enough to not go through the tabletop surface.

  9. Once assembled and dry, add a polyurethane coat over the top to ensure strength overtime.

Learn more about assembling a table base kit.

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