Mission Corbels

12¼″ x 3½″ x 8″

Athens Mission Corbel

Part #8023
$45.12 - $127.21
10″ x 4½″ x 5½″

Milan Mission Corbel

Part #8013
$43.78 - $83.96
6″ x 3″ x 2¾″

Carpi Mission Corbel

Part #8008
$14.26 - $41.33
12½″ x 5½″ x 8″

Verona Mission Corbel

Part #8083
$65.80 - $261.64
14″ x 3″ x 6½″

Narrow Mission Corbel

Part #8700
$38.37 - $100.65
10½″ x 4½″ x 3″

Barcelona Mission Corbel

Part #8053
$27.62 - $71.79
26½″ x 7″ x 7¾″

Ancona Mission Corbel

Part #8223
$255.65 - $541.30
11″ x 6″ x 22″

Adriatic Mission Corbel

Part #8163
$169.36 - $554.82
22″ x 6⅞″ x 3¼″

Narrow Mission Bar Corbel

Part #8066
$98.50 - $167.98

About Mission Corbels

The mission style of design is rooted in the architecture of the Spanish missions that were scattered about the Southwestern region of what is now the United States. Concerned more with function and sturdiness than with intricacy of design, Mission furniture was often made out of oak for its strength and durability, and the decorative elements generally consisted of carved out square or rectangular recesses. In some ways similar to the Shaker or Arts and Crafts style, the lines of Mission pieces were straight more often than not. Mission pieces vary from the Spanish or California Revival pieces in their detail. Still often based in the square or rectangular shape, Spanish Revival pieces were decidedly ornate in comparison to the much simpler Mission designs.

The Mission corbels and legs at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. are well suited for blending the old and the new. Contemporary and Mission pieces both have straight lines and a tendency toward the simple in common. Mission corbels can be used to add an historic strength, while seamlessly coordinating with pieces from the modern era. They can also be used, however, to accent a more rustic setting, particularly more authentically Southwestern decor. In homes or buildings in which the designer is seeking to duplicate the feel of the old Spanish Missions, these corbels cannot miss!

To read more about how to install a corbel please refer to our Installing A Corbel blog post.

Hardware such as Screws are Not Included with Corbels.