Moulding & Trim Is Perfect Finishing Touch for Kitchens

There are so many stylistic choices to make when designing a kitchen but one that may be the most difficult due to its versatility is moulding. Decorative moulding and trim has been used in design for centuries and it remains an effective tool for achieving a custom look. Often people think of decorative elements as overly ornate designs seen in traditional spaces. While these types of trim are available, there are also several contemporary options that will add elegance to your home without complicating the details.

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There are 5 different Osborne moulding designs used in this kitchen - can you find them all?
Check out this guide for more information on all of the moulding and additional Osborne products used in this build.

Osborne offers a large inventory of wood moulding and trim. While there are several uses for these pieces, many of them work beautifully in kitchen designs. Below are some of our primary moulding types and how you may be able to incorporate them into your kitchen project.

74658 Contemporary Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is possibly the most effective trim for elevating a kitchen design. It can be a subtle addition that creates an unbelievable transformation. This moulding is specifically designed to be used along the top of your cabinets or in the corners of ceilings and walls. It adds decoration to these necessary transitions. Since it is often placed near the ceiling, it helps to create an illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. It adds height to your cabinetry in an elegant way. Traditional crown moulding is simple and versatile enough to fit in with virtually any interior theme including contemporary designs. We also offer ornate carved designs that feature patterns that will complement specific themes or styles.

Crown moulding helps create balance and symmetry within a space so it is important to determine where it will be incorporated. Only utilizing it in certain spaces may create an imbalanced or unfinished look. When placing atop cabinets, make sure to decide if you want to add the moulding to all of the cabinets as well as the ceiling/wall transitions. You also have the choice to leave a small gap above the moulding when it is placed on top of a cabinet or to make it flush with the ceiling. See an example of each of these application methods below.

Misc half round moulding system edited

Half Round, Panel, and Door Moulding

These moulding designs often feature flat backs that allow them to be added to any flat surface for enhanced texture and detail. They can be used to decoratively accent cabinets, walls, kitchen islands, window frames, doors, shelves and much more. There is a vast selection of moulding styles to choose from so you can easily find the one most suitable to your personal preference. Half round moulding can be combined with capitals, plinths, spools and other components to give your kitchen an architectural appearance. Panel & door moulding is often used to elevate the look of cabinets, doorways, mantels, walls and more. They can also be used to create custom panels and borders. Both of these moulding types will allow you to make the most of the vertical and horizontal lines within your kitchen.

Lightrail Molding

Light Rail Moulding

Specifically created to mask under cabinet lighting, light rail moulding is a wonderful option for your kitchen project. The wooden trim design effortlessly hides electrical fixtures while adding stunning decoration to your cabinetwork. We have multiple sizes and patterns of light rail moulding to choose from so you can find the one most complementary to your design.

Flat Carved Moulding

These decorative designs have narrow depths and flat backs which make them perfect for embellishing cabinet faces, kitchen islands, walls and more. Each of our flat carved moulding pieces features a beautifully-carved pattern that will add incredible dimension to your space. With several patterns to choose from, it is easy to find a design that will complement the theme of your space.

Kitchen featuring 2722 891665 891330 892027 8991125 891665

This stunning kitchen fireplace features multiple moulding designs, including the subtle yet statement-worthy Flat Fluted Moulding (Part #891724)
that was used in the header of the fireplace design. Find out more about this build here.

Cabinet Corner Moulding

Our cabinet corner moulding is great for adding finishing touches to your kitchen. The designs are simple and carefully crafted to fit inside cabinet corners. This means they also fit well between two walls or even in the corner of a wall and ceiling. Although they do not feature ornate carvings, these trim pieces will create depth and texture that will elevate the overall design.

Other Decorative Moulding Options

We also have a wide range of intricate trim pieces that work well with particular styles. Each of these are available in several variations so you can seamlessly complete a theme. With so many options to choose from, the possible applications of these moulding designs in your kitchen are limitless!

Pearl and Bead Moulding

Egg and Dart Moulding

Rope Moulding

Dentil Moulding

Embossed Moulding

Carved Pierced Moulding

Gesso Moulding

Chair Rail & Frieze Moulding

Depending on your intended application, moulding can be a focal point in your kitchen or the perfect finishing touch. The ability to customize each piece with stain or paint adds to the luxurious nature of the trim as it appears to be tailored specifically for your space.

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