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Massive Reeded Kitchen Island Leg

Part #1499
$270.83 ea

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  • 2021-01-21 Material: Soft Maple (paintgrade)

    I’m an interior designer. Some clients are easy, some are more challenging. My client was an accountant. He had a strict budget, but felt swapping items was ok- with total disregard to labor costs. Occasionally, in any job freak things happen- it isn’t the designers team or the clients fault, but there is an argument as to who pays for the fix. I had an island leg split after 3 months and the client was blaming me.. thank you so much Osborne Wood for standing behind it and replacing it at their cost ( it wasn’t their fault either). They saved my bacon on a job were I wasn’t getting much bacon to start with! The client asked me to design the master bath next and I said I retired. Ossis one of those well run companies that I cannot recommend to fellow designers enough, and praise to anyone in the industry. When a stranger has your back, it’s something you don’t forget. Thank you Osborne Wood Products!

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