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Set of 4 of the Mounting Block Wood Plate 4"

4″ x 4″ x  34 Part #4918 Set of 4 of the Mounting Block Wood Plate 4"
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Are you looking for a quick and stylish solution to mounting your table legs without the need for a table skirt? Leg mounting blocks are a great option! This Set of 4: Leg Mounting Block comes with everything you need to easily attach four table legs to the desired tabletop or piece of furniture. The blocks are 4" squares with a depth of 3/4". The sleek wooden design complements your furniture rather than being an eyesore like other hardware options. 


Using the block is simple: insert a 5/16" hanger bolt (not included) into the center of the leg or foot. This will allow you to attach the leg to premade hole in the center of the mounting block. Now, take four 1 1/4" attachment screws (included) to secure the mounting block and leg to the table. Pre-drilled holes are provided for easy installation of the screws. Please note that utilizing these mounting blocks will raise the height of your furniture by 3/4". 


This mounting block can also be purchased individually by visiting here