How to Attach Table Legs

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Are you interested in creating a custom table design but are not sure how to attach your table legs? There are several ways to install table legs and it depends on your table design as well as the type of leg. Wooden table legs can be attached using table aprons, threaded inserts, or mounting hardware. Metal and acrylic legs typically require more specific hardware solutions. It is also different if you plan to use a table apron or attach legs directly to your table top. Let’s look at each of the main ways to attach your table legs to your build!

Use a Table Base Kit (also known as a table skirt or table apron)

  • Custom table base kits are available with almost every wooden leg in Osborne’s collection. We have a table skirt builder that allows you to select your legs, apron type, dimensions and wood species. The legs and apron components will then be milled and sent to you altogether so you have an easy-to-assemble base. These kits feature predrilled pocket holes that can be used to secure the table top to the table base.

  • Create-your-own table apron with dimensional lumber, corner blocks and optionally table skirt support brackets. The items you need depend on your specific project and what size you would like the table base to be. Keep in mind overhangs and leg dimensions when creating your own base this way. Once you create a base, you can decide how you would like to secure the base to the table top. This could be through pocket holes like we often use. Alternatively, you could use Z-Clip Table Top Fasteners (Part #949) or Figure Eight Fasteners (Part #929).

Table Leg Attachment Methods

Hanger Bolts & Threaded Inserts

  • For smaller legs or furniture feet, a combination of hanger bolts and threaded inserts can be a sufficient attachment method. Hanger bolts can be used in a variety of ways, including with other attachment hardware such as mounting blocks and cleats. Osborne not only provides all of the materials you may need to successfully attach your table legs, but we also offer custom hardware installation to make the process even easier. Hanger bolt or threaded insert installation is available for an additional fee. We also have video tutorials available explaining how to install both hanger bolts and threaded inserts.

Wooden Mounting Blocks

  • These square mounting blocks are made from wood and are sturdy options that will not create an eyesore on your design. We have two sizes available (4” and 5 ¾”) to accommodate various leg sizes. To use the blocks, a 5/16” hanger bolt will need to first be inserted into the leg or foot that is being installed. There is a premade hole in the center of the mounting block that a hanger bolt will screw into. Take the included attachment screws and attach the block and leg to the table using the predrilled holes. Keep in mind that these mounting blocks will raise the height of your furniture by ¾”.

Wooden Mounting Cleats

  • Angled double mounting cleats are perfect for mid-century modern builds which call for simplicity and style. The hardware is made from wood and can be finished to blend into the table build. These cleats can be used to mount two table legs at a 12 degree angle. They are available in multiple lengths (from 12” to 36”) so you can choose the one most suitable for the size of your table. These are easy to install onto your tabletop thanks to several pre-drilled holes. The leg or foot being used with the cleat will need a 3/8” hanger bolt installed in the top. Please note that when you are installing hanger bolts into the corresponding leg, please leave 1" of the bolt revealed at the top as the depth of the cleat will accept 1" of a bolt.

  • Straight double mounting cleats are subtle methods of installing wooden legs or feet. These wooden cleats can be finished to match the rest of the table design. They allow you to attach legs or feet (especially round tapered designs that are harder to attach) at a straight angle. The cleats come in lengths ranging from 12” to 36” and each cleat can support two table legs. They have pre-drilled holes and a spot to accept a hanger bolt that must be first installed into the table leg. Please note that when you are installing hanger bolts into the corresponding leg, please leave 1" of the bolt revealed at the top as the depth of the cleat will accept 1" of a bolt.

  • Single angled mounting cleats function similarly to our double angled cleats except they offer more flexibility in your design. They each support one leg and create a 12 degree angle. They can be placed exactly where you would like them to be underneath the tabletop and can even work for three-legged table designs. Pre-drilled holes allow for easy attachment to the tabletop and make it easy to secure legs that already have a ⅜” hanger bolt installed.

Metal Mounting Plates

  • These metal Angled Leg Mounting Plates (Part #927) are innovative options for installing table legs at an angle with little to no hardware visible. These plates include necessary hardware for easy installation. When the leg is installed, it will be at a 12 degree angle. Each pack features four plates and the necessary hardware to complete your table build!

  • Straight Leg Mounting Plates (Part #928) are subtle ways to mount table legs to a tabletop. They provide secure attachment without taking away from the appearance of the table. These plates come in a pack of four with all necessary hardware so you can complete your build in no time!

Attaching Metal Table Legs

  • Most metal legs, furniture feet and bases come with hardware or attachment holes so that you can easily source the necessary hardware for attachment. When obtaining screws to attach metal legs to wood table tops, be sure that the length of the screw is not long enough that it will pierce your tabletop.

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Attaching Acrylic Table Legs

  • Our acrylic legs and feet feature pre-drilled holes for attachment hardware to make your build seamless. Several designs have hardware included and some have decorative metal accents to hide the hardware and keep the clear, crisp appearance of the rest of the acrylic design.


Additional Resources

  • If you are still unsure of the best method for attaching your table legs, our customer service team is glad to help! Whether we can point you in the right direction or help you customize your legs to aid in the installation process, we are ready to help make your dream build a reality! Chat with us by clicking the icon at the bottom right of the page, or give us a call at 800-849-8876.

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