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Pine Legs

Pine legs lend themselves to interesting work in rooms where a casual and informal appearance is desired.  These legs are a logical choice for farm kitchens.  Being a soft wood, pine will scar and wear over time but this is generally considered an advantage in settings where a pristine “brand-new” appearance contradicts otherwise comfortable atmosphere.  Heavily turned pine legs offer a great deal to any table whether seen as coffee table legs or dining table legs.  Sofa legs ordered in pine and finished naturally also contribute to a sense of casual comfort.  Larger styled farm tables are particularly appropriate with pine legs and provide inspiration as design motifs for creating kitchen islands.  Although the pine can be stained dark or natural, bleached pine legs – particularly on farm tables – is appropriate as these were often washed down with lye soap in the past as a part of standard good housekeeping.  An authentic variation on this is a piece where the pine legs are painted but the tabletop remains with a natural or scrubbed appearance. 

Painted finishes are also attractive on pine but are particularly interesting when completed with a distressed or used appearance.  Furniture with pine legs works very nicely in bedrooms and sitting areas where a country feeling is desired.  Very pleasant benches or settees may be created using pine legs.  Finishing the seating with caned bottoms provides a wonderful contrast that shows the pine logs off to their best advantage.  Benches and settees –like tables and chairs – may be finished either as painted or stained work.  It is unusual to see highly styled furniture resting on pine legs.  Pine is more of a comfortable friend than a formal visitor.  Therefore, a coffee table with pine legs almost invites you to kick your shoes off and put your feet up.  In the same vein: while a drink spilled on an inlaid mahogany table might cause a raised eyebrow, a  plainer table resting on pine legs will take a spill in stride. Pine invariably culminates in friendly pieces that invite use.

Pleasant writing tables with pine legs can also be used to dedicate an inviting place to surf the net or sip a cup of coffee.  Card tables and game tables on pine legs are also very user friendly pieces that people can use without fear of damage.

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