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Walnut Legs

Our black walnut is considered a rare wood that – in addition to being beautiful and strong – offers tones in finished work that simply cannot be beat for enduring beauty.  Walnut legs are one of the most beautiful ways to use this fine wood.  We offer a wide variety of leg types and any of these may be ordered in black walnut.  Walnut legs manufactured from selections in our table leg category reveal beautiful graining and admirable color when stained and finished.  These are available for dining table legs, coffee table legs, or end table legs.  We also offer these for sofa legs.  Walnut legs from our kitchen island leg category are also stunning when stained and finished and add a richness to rooms that is otherwise difficult to attain.  We also offer cabinet and furniture feet – including sofa legs – in black walnut.   Our Queen Anne legs are available in plainer styles as well as in a carved style that really become the star of the show when ordered in walnut.  Of course, nothing is more elegant that a ball and claw leg when presented in walnut.   Walnut legs also show beautifully in simpler styles such as tapered legs or in a quiet Mission style.  Any leg with an expanse of flat space that allows the graining to show is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy this fine wood.  Our walnut legs come in a variety of heights designed to me your needs for particular projects.  Walnut specifically sized for use with end tables, coffee tables and dining tables are available in our inventory.  We also carry taller pieces that may be ordered in walnut and which serve as walnut legs for counter top height or kitchen island use. 

Walnut legs can also be ordered in custom designs that you create.   We will be delighted to assist you with this.  We will also be glad to help you customize our own designs to tailor them to your needs.  You may customize heights and other dimensions from items in our existing inventory or even combine features from several styles to create walnut legs that truly reflect your own imagination.  This provides wonderful opportunities to create unique work that combines your imagination with the luxury of walnut legs.
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