Create 10 Different Pieces of Furniture With 1 Kit (Custom Table Base Kits)

Our customizable table base kits are a customer favorite, and for good reason! They make building your own custom table so easy! Start by choosing the leg you want to use, select your wood type, then click the Add to Table Base Kit button. From there, you can enter your desired specifications and add the kit to your cart! We’ll create a customized table base kit that’s delivered to your door ready to assemble, finish, and add a top.

These kits aren’t just for dining tables though. They can be used in a number of different ways. You can actually make TEN different pieces of furniture with our customizable table base kits:

1. Dining table
2. Kitchen island/island extension
3. Coffee table
4. End table/nightstands

5. Bench

6. Side/sofa/entry table
7. Desk

8. Vanity

9. Ottoman

10. Task-specific tables like gaming or craft tables

Further Customize Your Kit

But it doesn’t stop there – there are SO many ways you can customize your kits even further! Some may be easy to DIY while others may need to be done by us during production. Let’s take a look at a list of 16 different ways you can customize our kits.

1 – Change the height of the apron boards

Our kits come standard with 4” tall apron boards when ordered online, however, if you’re looking for something a little shorter or a little taller, we can do that as well! While there may be some size limitations depending on the wood type you choose, we can accommodate most requests for boards 2” or taller.

2 – Drawer faces cut out of apron boards

This is a very common request that we get for custom island kits and often goes along with some custom height apron boards. While we don’t make drawers themselves, we can cut a drawer face or two out of the apron boards for you.

3 – Cut a kit in half for leaves

If you want to build an extending dining table that can accommodate the addition of leaves, let us know! We can easily cut your skirt boards in half for you during production to prepare them for use with leaves.

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4 – Customize your apron profile using presets

Depending on the wood type you choose, we offer up to 6 different ways to customize your apron profile. The design options include square, rounded, and beaded profiles for any of our wood types plus rope, dentil, and egg & dart profiles for a limited number of wood types.

From left to right: beaded, rounded, square, dentil, rope, and egg & dart

5 – Add moulding, onlays, or inlays to the apron boards or around the legs

If our apron profile presets aren’t quite what you’re looking for, there’s so much more you can do! One option may be adding different moulding or inlays along the apron boards. Recently, Tim did just that with a 3-sided table we have in our showroom. He used our Dentil Moulding (Part #891667), cut a dado along the apron boards, and glued the moulding into the dado.

Another option may be utilizing onlays or small corbels on the apron boards or the top blocks of the table legs for added visual interest. This option is a favorite of Amy at Maison de Mings. She used our Petite Acanthus Leaf Corbels (Part #892020) along the top blocks of the legs on her kitchen island and a beautiful, vintage style vanity.

6 – Add or remove legs for custom base designs

All islands aren’t designed the same — sometimes you need extra legs, don’t need as many as the kit includes, or you need a kit with a completely custom footprint. No matter how many legs or apron boards you need, we can help! We can add extra legs in a 4-sided kit where extra support may be needed. We can also customize leg location in our 3-sided kits for long island overhangs or islands with a unique design.

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7 – Add cross braces for extra heavy tops

If you need additional support for a heavy top or want to provide a frame for drawers, we can also add additional cross braces inside a table kit. This addition is easily accomplished as long as you know how many you need and how far apart they should be.

8 – Add electrical receptacle service

If the island legs you’ve chosen are large enough, we can add an electrical receptacle notch service to any of the legs in your kit. This is a popular choice for keeping your island up to code and providing extra outlets for appliances.

9 – Add a bottom shelf

When it comes to adding additional storage space, we can help in a number of ways! The first way is by adding a bottom shelf. If you just want a bottom shelf, we can cut a shelf notch into the bottom block on almost any leg to allow a shelf to be added. This is a great option for kitchen islands, large coffee tables, and benches in an entryway and it helps make assembly quick and easy.

10 – Add a bottom apron kit

If you’re wanting to add a shelf with a little extra support underneath, we can also add an extra apron kit to be used as a shelf support as long as the leg you’ve chosen has a bottom block large enough to accommodate the size of apron kit you want. Adding an apron kit below a shelf is a perfect choice for kitchen islands when you need extra support to store large appliances, like stand mixers, that you may not use often.

11 – Add a bottom stretcher

While this option doesn’t provide additional storage space, it does provide visual appeal and is a popular option for trestle-style dining tables. It can also help provide stability and balance out a table visually if very wide legs are used. Below is an example of a bottom stretcher used on our Squire Table Base Kit (Part #500172).

12 – Add a weathering service

If you’re interested in using weathered or reclaimed wood, we know it can be difficult to find and can sometimes be expensive. That’s why we offer a weathering service intended for knotty pine and red oak. This service wears away the softer grain leaving behind a weathered texture in the wood, and knotty pine and red oak are the ideal wood types for this based on their grain structure. This can be a great option for statement pieces like coffee tables, too!

13 – Add casters

If you want your table or island to move, or if you just want an industrial feel to your furniture, consider adding casters! We have a number of caster options from very small furniture casters to industrial casters with 8-inch wheels. The small furniture casters, like our Brass Cup Caster (Part #942), would make the perfect addition to a large ottoman.

14 – Change the attachment method

Our table base kits come standard with pocket holes along the inside top edge of the apron boards for attachment, however, it’s easy to change this option. We also offer a set of 16 Figure Eight Fasteners (Part #929) and the more common Z-style Table Top Fasteners (Part #949) as additional options for attaching a top to your table base kit. Either of these options are a great choice if wood movement is a concern for you.

15 – Add storage inside a bench or ottoman

Adding some storage to our table base kits is easy! Instead of attaching your table base kit to your top, you can add hinges and close off the bottom of the apron kit to create a hidden compartment.

Table lift hardware 500711

16 – Add table lift hardware for a convertible height table

One of the most interesting things we think you could do with a table is adding table lift hardware! We offer table lift hardware in a variety of sizes depending on your table’s specifications. This hardware makes it easy to have a small coffee table that can be converted into a taller table for snacks, homework, crafts, and more.

With so many different types of furniture pieces that can be made from our table base kits and all the different ways a kit can be customized, the only limit truly is your imagination. We have seen almost all of these different pieces of furniture AND different customization options utilized by our customers in the past and we can’t wait to see what you can do!

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